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We all know that self-care requires the support of a loving community. Let's be that community for people facing economic difficulty in Milwaukee. 

This purchase will both keep our women in recovery earning a living wage while also serving people in the greater Milwaukee area needing our support to make ends meet and keep hands washed and moisturized!

Each month in 2021 we will choose a community partner that your purchase of the items in the Community Care Collection will be donated to. You buy the product, we will deliver it to the agency named as the Community Care Recipient. 

June 2021 Community Care Partner is Guest House of Milwaukee!

Located on North 13th Street between Juneau and McKinley Avenues in the King Park neighborhood, Guest House of Milwaukee is the largest publicly funded homeless shelter in the city and has been leading our community in ending the cycle of poverty in our clients' lives for nearly forty years.

Guest House serves over 1,200 individuals and families on an annual basis, and has a proven track record of assisting even those with the most severe challenges to overcoming homelessness regain and maintain their independence, including: mental illness, addiction, physical and cognitive disabilities, and history with the criminal justice system.


Note: Free shipping applies to all orders of $75 or more. If you are ONLY purchasing soap or lotion for donation through our Community Care Collection, but are not spending more than $75, we will gladly reimburse you the shipping cost you incur. 

2 oz Lotion for Guest House
Liquid Hand Soap for Guest House
8 oz Lotion for Guest House