Darlene Dyson

Advocate and Case Manager


Darlene Dyson is a lifelong resident of Milwaukee and a graduate of John Marshall High School.  In 2003, she earned a Human Services degree from MATC.  Throughout her 20 year career in Human Services, she has been trained in topics important for working with the at-risk population such as deescalation, trauma-informed care and sexual assault advocacy. 


She began in a volunteer position at Walker’s Point Youth and Family Services in collaboration with Pathfinders and was instrumental in beginning a Youth Outreach program in late 1990’s.  From there, Darlene focused her work on exploited women, working at Benedict Center doing outreach.  For 10 years, she served as a treatment foster parent.   Outreach and connection are her passion - where she brings both personal and professional experience.  Darlene believes deeply in the goodness of people and in keeping hope alive, even when people are deep in struggle.  She knows the importance of consistency and rapport building when relating to people caught up on the streets. She works tirelessly to help people connect to basic human rights: food, housing, health care, and love. 



Darlene comes from a big family and enjoys spending time with her various siblings, their kids, and her own 2 children and 5 grandchildren.  In her free time, she loves reading and traveling - especially loving trips to Arizona to spend time with her BFF. 


Darlene serves the Advocate and Case Manager at Franciscan Peacemakers, working primarily on outreach, in the hospitality center and with Clare Community residents. 




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