Phyllis Diggins

Board Member

Phyllis was born in North Little Rock, Arkansas and moved to Milwaukee Wisconsin at the age of 6 years.  Milwaukee has become her home.

She is the mother of four beautiful children and received her High School Equivalency Diploma in the year of 2000. Phyllis struggled with drugs and alcohol for a period of time was introduced to Narcotic Anonymous in 2006. At this time, Phyllis was also introduced to Deacon Steve Przedpelski of Franciscan Peacemakers where he facilitated a group for women that struggled with drugs, alcohol and prostitution. Phyllis was a part of the group for 10 yrs and stayed clean.

In 2012, she went back to Springfield College where she received her Bachelor's degree and later went on to pursue a Master's Degree. She returned back to Narcotic Anonymous in 2017 and is now celebrating 4 years clean. She plans to return to school to finish her Masters Degree. 

Phyllis is the manager of Live Too Lavish Boutique in addition to working as the Production Associate for Franciscan Peacemakers. She is an active member of Bethesda Baptism Church and serves as an usher the announcement clerk. God has gifted her with two titles - Mom and Grandma - and she rocks them both.

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