3 Ways to Support Franciscan Peacemakers While Staying At Home

Dear Friends:

Please allow me to get straight to the point. The Coronavirus struggle is causing major financial problems for Franciscan Peacemakers just as it is for everyone else worldwide. I am sure that this urgent appeal letter is not the first or the last that you will receive from many other organizations that do amazing work.

I was scheduled to preach and/or speak about Franciscan Peacemakers several weekends between now and the end of May. Wherever I am preaching the women come and sell the products they make generating needed revenue. Additionally, Franciscan Peacemakers receives financial contributions at many of these venues. All those opportunities are now gone.

On behalf of Cynthia, Leatrica and Shinichi residents of our Clare Community and employees in our social enterprise, please consider donating to Franciscan Peacemakers today. Our short-term goal is to raise $50,000 now to replace the lost income from sales of our soaps, lotions and candles as well as lost financial contributions at these events. 
1) DONATE: If ever there was a time that your financial contribution can have a powerful impact, that time is today.

2) PURCHASE:  Keep up the regular purchases AND consider purchasing the Community Care Soap Package - 12 bars of soap for $65 that we will distribute to food pantries in the greater Milwaukee area to ensure that everyone has enough. Organizations that will receive these donations include:
  • Riverwest Food Pantry (Milwaukee)
  • Sussex Food Pantry (Waukesha County)
  • Menomonee Falls Food Pantry (Waukesha County)
  • Women's Center of Waukesha County
  • Catholic Community of Waukesha Food Pantries
  • Food Pantry of Waukesha County
  • A Pantry In Your Community - Sure! Just order and have it shipped wherever you please, we encourage people to purchase this for your own use or distribution as well (just select "Deliver to Me - I will use or Distribute) when adding the product to your cart).


We are aware that many of you are facing your own financial stress, so if donating or purchasing is not possible for you, but you love what we do - would you please share information about our organization with your friends and families?  You can review your favorite product on our website or Facebook, share this blog post via email or social media, or text your friends a link to our online store.  All of this promotion will help us "advertise" without spending money - and that helps. 

We are with you all in prayer and hope.  Thank you. 
Peace and all good,