Because of You, Lives Are Transformed

Dear Sisters & Brothers,


I sometimes think, and maybe you do, too, that we live in a world that seems broken beyond repair. On days that I feel that way, I need only think about the lives Franciscan Peacemakers has changed and the incredible ability we all have to make our corner of the world a better place by supporting each other and working together.


Hope is clear to me when I think about how this community has empowered women survivors on their journeys to healing. Through the Franciscan Peacemakers community, Cynthia is working toward a bachelor’s degree in social work at Mount Mary University. Pam is reunited with her family and able to love on her children and grandchildren. Lori is now working for an engineering firm, Shinichi is our Social Enterprise Production Manager, and Deborah is working toward her doctorate degree.


The world of these collective achievements is not a broken one. It is one of dignity.  


It is with this knowledge in mind that I share my plans to retire in 2024. I am immensely grateful to each of you for allowing me to be a small part of the Franciscan Peacemakers story – one whose many chapters I will look forward to reading as I take this step forward. 


The Franciscan Peacemakers team, network of supporters and community at large is strong. As I prepare to make this transition, it is my prayer that you renew your commitments to supporting each other and Franciscan Peacemakers. Your financial support is transformative for the lives and futures of women in our community.


Even on days when things seem dark, I know the future of Franciscan Peacemakers and the future of survivors is one that exudes peace and healing – I have seen that truth over the last nearly thirty years with this organization.


Thank you. Merry Christmas and blessings in the New Year.


With Peace + All Good,

Deacon Steve Przedpelski, Executive Director