3 Ways to get involved in the work to end Human Trafficking in Milwaukee

January is Human Trafficking Awareness Month.  Let's face it - it's a huge problem in the Milwaukee area and you are constantly seeing articles about teens and young adult women going missing or raids on hotels in the Milwaukee area leading to the arrest of traffickers.  The stories are everywhere because the problem is big. 

Here's what you can do to be involved in the work to end Human Trafficking in our communities. 

1) Get educated. Polaris Project is a National organization that runs a hotline for survivors and has really valuable information.  These 2018 Hotline Statistics are a great place to start.  Here in the Milwaukee area, there are several organizations that provide regular opportunities for education and action on the issue - follow us on Facebook as we frequently share opportunities from the anti-trafficking movement in SE Wisconsin or opportunities to hear Franciscan Peacemaker presentations around the Archdiocese of Milwaukee.  Also - mark you calendars as the last Saturday of each month will be "Deacon Steve's Soapbox" at our retail store.  Each month will feature a chance to hear Deacon Steve talk on various aspects of human sex trafficking plus a featured sample soap.  


2) Support Survivors through housing and jobs.  Two significant barriers to financial freedom for survivors are adequate employment and safe housing.  Support organizations like ours (or organizations in your community) helping to create economic stability in the lives of survivors.  We are a part of the Thistle Farms Network - check out their site for many different organizations world wide that work to boost survivor's opportunities for economic well-being. Many of the organizations in the Thistle Farms Network have social enterprises like ours where your purchase directly impacts the lives of survivors - remember this when you are considering where to spend your money! 

3) Keep the conversation going!  Who in your life could use this information? Forward this email, share our posts - we need everyone on board!