Game 3 Discount plus Outreach Stats for June 2021

"Our job is to love others without stopping to inquire whether or not they are worthy." - Thomas Merton
In small and large ways, we communicate to women that "you are worthy."
Worthy of food.
Worthy of basic hygiene.
Worthy of safety.
Worthy of meaningful work.
Worthy of stable housing.
Worthy yesterday, today, and tomorrow.
Worthy of healing.
Worthy of love.
Franciscan Peacemakers have seen a spike (almost double) in contacts with women over the past month.
Are you interested in supporting our work?
Three simple ways to support women on their healing journey today:
1. Buy our bath and body products handmade by survivors of sexual exploitation and human trafficking.
(Pro tip: we have a discount going on after each Bucks game during the NBA finals, so follow our socials to be the first to know what is being discounted!! The post Game 3 discount is 20% off all candles using code BUCKSINSIX to honor the 20 point win the Bucks had in Game 3 proving that THE BUCKS ARE LIT!!)
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