Join us this Lent: Midweek Meditations

Join us this Lent! Follow along on the blog or on Instagram each Wednesday for reflections, prayers, and favorite passages from yours truly, the Franciscan Peacemakers team. Each week a team member will reflect on one aspect of Lent: Prayer - Fasting - Almsgiving.

🕯This week's contributor is Katie, our intern, focusing on fasting as we celebrate Ash Wednesday.

• Fast from lies (we tell ourselves or others) and speak truth to power.
• Fast from complaints, comparisons, judgments and be filled with wonder.
• Fast from grudges, negative self-talk, hate and be reconciled.
• Fast from assuredness, pride, self-interest and become a student once again.
• Fast from distractions, avoidance, producing and just be.
• Fast from words and be silent so you can listen.

☮️ & ALL GOOD.