Midweek Meditation from Carmen

Midweek Meditation
✨ Brought to you by Carmen, Director of Franciscan Peacemakers Social Enterprise
“God is love and that's my compass.”
Those were the words I shared in one of our Friday morning gatherings.
I try to understand the teachings of Jesus and gain a sense into the "mindset” of God but, I admit, sometimes I have no clue how our God "thinks." I have come to a realization, throughout the many ups and downs of life, that instead of letting the fear of the unknown paralyze me from making steps forward I have to trust that God loves me and IS love. I may not understand how God thinks, acts, or talks but if I move and act in loving ways then I'm being lead in a pretty good direction.
It's never easy to step outside of our comfort zones but it's the only way to grow and try to gain a different perspective on life. The work I have done over the past 15 years with Franciscan Peacemakers has definitely challenged me to step outside of my comfort zone. These steps were not taken alone but with the comfort of knowing love is God and God is love. I never feel like I need to know everything or have all of the answers before taking a step forward, God is guiding me along the way. God is with us in the discomfort and uncertainty of life—understanding this basic tenet gives me strength to keep serving.