Parish Based Social Justice Education during the Pandemic - thanks Family of Four!

The Family of Four Parishes, whose social justice efforts are led by Laura Hancock, introduced a new way for parishes to engage in social justice ministry and education despite the pandemic! 

Called Community Ministry Connection, each month the parishes will highlight one community ministry with whom the parishes have a special connection.  Franciscan Peacemakers was chosen as the first ministry, so in February we have enjoyed lots of publicity from the Family of Four including weekly bulletin updates, social media posts, and an online educational gathering.  All of this is designed to make parishioners aware of opportunities to engage directly with social justice/human concerns ministries and the important reasons people of faith are called to respond to the issues of concern to our community.   

As a part of the February Community Ministry Connection, Deacon Steve Przedpelski and advocates Wendy Smith and Retired Lt. Dawn Jones joined Laura and various parishioners and friends of the Family of Four for a one hour discussion on the issue of human sex trafficking and the healing ministry of the Franciscan Peacemakers. 

We hope you'll watch the video to learn about this issue of sex trafficking and how you can be a part of the solution. 

If your organization, parish or school is interested in doing this kind of pandemic-safe social justice education gathering, please fill out the contact form on the Contact Us page. 

Thanks for your inspired and impactful leadership, Family of Four!