Retail Outlet: Made in Waverly, TN!

Made at 111 North Court Square in Waverly, TN (on Facebook: is our newest retail partner.  Just check out these lovely displays ou rour bar soap - which is selling like hot cakes out of this boutique gift shop owned by Melissa Stephens.  Made is more than just a gift shop though - focusing on products that benefit women who are healing from sexual abuse and exploitation, Made is making it easier for their community to shop with purpose - or as Melissa puts it - "to shop for mission".

Melissa discovered us through Thistle Farms and graciously reached out to see if she too, could vend our soap to the lovely Nashville-area soap-buyers-with-a-mission who are some of our longest-standing customers.  

Go visit Made (Open Tues - Sat, 9 AM - 5 PM) and say "howdy" to Melissa for us - we hope to meet her when we go to the annual conference at Thistle Farms this summer.  Thanks for your partnership and for your work to make the world a more compassionate place, Made!!