Cathedral Center is Community Care Partner for March

This March, choose to bless the families and single adult women who are guests of Cathedral Center with the gift of our all natural soap and lotion.  Simply choose the number of bars of soap or tubes of lotion over on the Community Care Collection page and we will deliver it to the guests of Cathedral Center. 


Cathedral Center, located in the heart of downtown Milwaukee, holds as its mission: providing a safe environment for women and families while working to end homelessness one life at a time. 

Cathedral Center serves up to 28 unaccompanied women and 8 families with children in emergency shelter for up to 90 days and 4 unaccompanied women and 8 families with children in flexible housing for up to 2 years. Families include single mothers, single fathers, two parent households, and multigenerational amalgamations.


You know how small kindnesses that you receive can feel like a "God wink" or a nudge that you need to feel validated that you are on the right path? Imagine if a small gift of a bar of soap for a woman staying at Cathedral Center in Milwaukee is just what she needs that day for encouragement to stay on a path toward healing. Imagine if it gives her the confidence she needs as she heads into her workforce development class or as she gets her kids off to school.  Your small gift can make a big difference!